May 15, 2019


We are less than one month away from getting out to Tate Island and to say we are excited is an understatement!  This past winter seemed to never end but the birds are singing, the leaves are popping, and we are busy preparing for our departure to the lodge.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours planning since we finalized the purchase in February.  We could not ask for a better relationship with a seller than what we have with Jim and Gail.  Jim and I (Trevor) talk multiple times per week. He has been a wealth of knowledge and will prove to be a huge factor in us hitting the ground running when we get to Tate in early June.  Jim is also going to come out in June with our work crew just to walk us through some of those nuances of the property to speed up getting it back in operation as opposed to us spending time discovering on our own.  With this support, we feel very comfortable opening to guests on July 20th this year. 

From early June to July 20th we have a list of major tasks to complete that include:

  • Replace the roofing on a few of the cabins
  • Build a dock with a large floating platform at the end to receive float plane guests
  • Build a deck on the front of the lodge perched above the cliff and looking out over the lake (to take advantage of the best lodge view on the lake)
  • Installing solar power on the cabins
  • General cleanup of the property
  • Install new satellite tv and high speed 25mb/s satellite internet in the lodge
  • Paint the lodge exterior

Additional planning/purchasing includes:

  • Our chef planning this season’s menu
  • Confirmation of the return of our head guide Lorne and his family
  • New mattresses, bedding, and pillows
  • Some new boat motors
  • New lodge living room furniture
  • New nets and other gear
  • And much more

If you haven’t had the chance to get to know our family a little bit, please go to the Tate Island Lodge website and select “The Team” in the “About” drop down menu.  We are looking forward to meeting you and making sure your future visit will leave you with the desire to make this a regular stop on your vacation schedule.  If you haven’t yet made a decision on your summer vacation this year, consider taking advantage of the weak Canadian Dollar.  We’d love to have you visit!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email either or  For those on Facebook, follow us @tateislandlodge.

Yours truly, the Kozak Family