We aren’t just about fishing! More interested in experiencing the beauty, serenity and awe of nature? Prefer to hop in a kayak and explore a nearby island? Tate Island Lodge is the place for you. Our goal is to provide an outdoor experience of a lifetime. Whatever your dream, we will work with you to customize an outdoor experience that will keep you coming back. Opportunities outside of fishing include:

Wildlife observation: Step into a boat with one of our guides and search for the wildlife of Reindeer Lake. This could include the bald eagle, moose, caribou, loon, bear, martin, beaver, porcupine, deer, and much more.

Photography: In addition to wildlife, our location in the Canadian Shield offers opportunity to photograph northern plant life, panoramic views, endless skies, and at certain times of the season, the Northern Lights.

Painting: For those that have a passion for nature scenes, you can find a place on our island to set up an easel and paint/draw. For those with a desire for solitude, we’d be happy to drop you off on a small island for the day. We can pack you a lunch, a sat phone, and your favorite drink. Just you, the trees, the breeze, the birds, and the water lapping on the rocky shore.

Kayak: There are many islands close to our lodge excellent for exploring by kayak. Feeling really adventurous? Pack a tent, sleeping bag, and a meal or two, then paddle to a secluded island and spend the night. Just you, the stars, and the haunting calls of the loons.