Though Reindeer Lake has many species of fish, main targets include Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Walleye.

  • Northern Pike: Tate Island Lodge produces massive Northern Pike and 40″ to 50″ plus sizes are common. The Tate Island Lodge record is just over 40 pounds putting the Saskatchewan record of 47.5 pounds within the reach of each of our guests. Spin casting spoons and crank baits proves to be successful for amateur to professional anglers. For those that prefer fly fishing, 6-9wt. rods are recommended and will offer a fight you will dream about until your next visit.
  • Lake Trout: Living in cold, deep lakes, Lake Trout thrive in Reindeer lake and can grow to monster sizes reaching in excess of 50 pounds. Many anglers will discover that unlike other lakes, anglers do not need to fight with a down rigger to catch these. In early and late seasons here, Lake trout can even be caught on the fly!
  • Arctic Grayling: Tate Island Lodge is known for numbers and size caught. With their distinctive dorsal fin, pound for pound these fish put up a fight! Most fly fishers have the Grayling on their bucket list and choosing Tate Island Lodge to check this off their list is a great choice. Spin casting is also popular way to hook in to these aggressive feeders and baits such as spinners, small spoons, and trolled flies will find success.
  • Walleye: Imagine fishing all morning, catching many Walleye, then relaxing on a secluded island enjoying your freshly prepared shore lunch. Our Cree guides who have called Reindeer Lake home for generations will help you find the walleye, keep some for lunch, and fry them up for lunches to be remembered long past your visit to our little piece of fishing paradise.

At Tate Island Lodge, we practice catch and release for all trophy fish. To preserve the memory of your experience we recommend taking a picture, some quick measurements and release the fish in a short period of time.

Some say the best part of the day is the shore lunch