The Team

A family with a passion for the outdoors, fishing, hunting, and hosting spanning decades.

Randy Kozak, the patriarch of the family ownership, had a passion for fishing and hunting instilled in him at a young age by his grandfather. Randy and his late wife, Irene, loved to spend time together in the wilderness enjoying all creation has to offer. Though Irene passed away in 2015, Randy’s passion for all things outdoors stayed strong and their shared dream of getting a piece of secluded paradise was fulfilled with the purchase of Tate Island Lodge.

Trevor (Randy’s son), his wife Karen and their young sons, Jack and Johnny, are the other half of the ownership equation. Trevor’s passion for fishing and camping started very early in life with the encouragement of his parents. When Trevor married Karen in 2006, they started back country hiking, camping and fly fishing in the Canadian Rockies and have enjoyed many adventures together. Both boys have the outdoor bug and, when presented with the choice, would much rather be outside than indoors playing video games. Though Karen enjoys fishing, sending the three boys out together for a day of fishing and staying behind to read a book in a comfortable chair in the sunshine is typically too much of a temptation to pass up. Karen has a passion for creating cozy, inviting spaces and is devoted to ensuring guests feel welcome, inspired, and refreshed.

Guests will discover that they will be treated like part of the family. We very much look forward to giving you an experience to be remembered with the hopes that you will come back over and over again.

The story on why the Kozak’s decided to purchase Tate Island Lodge:

Over the past decade, Randy and Trevor have had a desire to get into the outfitting industry. The non negotiable factor to this was that whatever they committed to must have world class fishing and hunting opportunities. In the summer of 2018, Tate Island Lodge, Reindeer Lake came on their radar and, after some research, a visit in mid September was planned. Trevor and Randy drove to Southend, chartered a float plane and visited the property for two nights. While there, vision was established and the decision to buy Tate Island Lodge was based on the following:

  • the property was on a secluded island half way up a massive lake known for impressive fishing and, with over 5000 islands, always had a calm place to fish and different areas to explore
  • the property was on a peninsula of a small island with a beautiful bay with sandy beach on one side and a 50ft cliff with expansive views on the other
  • the new 3000 sqft lodge was recently built, in 2012, and stands on top of the 50ft cliff. It has a large common area with a 20ft ceiling, a big wood burning fireplace, satellite TV viewing, pool table, and a bar.
  • multiple guest cabins that each sleep 2-4 people
  • almost new 18ft Alumarine boats with 40HP four stroke motors


And the #1 reason, THE FISHING.

Though much of the visit was spent going through the property and its infrastructure, the guys spent about 6 hours doing some serious fishing. Having never fished the lake, they had no idea where to go. In that time period they caught over 30 Lake Trout, many over 10 lbs, and, in the same habitat, around 20-30 Pike, with a few being in the high 30″ range and one reaching 40″. All of these fish were caught between the dock and a little more than a mile from the lodge. THIS WAS IN 6 HOURS AND HAVING NO IDEA WHERE TO FISH! Imagine the average guest spending over 40 hours with a guide that’s known the lake for decades!